Karneval- Bishounen Analysis. *o* (akari) It’s kind of a opinionated one, but that’s what I think, because I’ve fallen in love with Karoku, Akari, Uro and yogi.



Karneval. An anime title, that would definitely make you think about, clowns, entertainers, rides, a fun house sort of place, right? Well, let’s just say, this anime is definitely 45% of what you think the title says. And in my opinion it;s absolutely amazing!. So ENTERTAINING!!! The way the plot develops, the new concept of evolution and cell fusion to create the half human, half monster creatures; called Varuga, the omnipotent cell that serves as the source of power for the members of Circus. Well I guess I’ve given enough spoilers! 😛


However, the characters are what I’m day-dreaming about! 😀

Absolutely, mesmerizing character designs. Handsome bishounen and bishoujo. They capture your attention immediately from the opening song, such brilliance and vividness, it’s almost hypnotizing. To be honest, I am definitely in love with each character’s different trait. 

For example, Akari, the doctor in charge of the research tower, *(he caught my attention not only because of his good looks, but also because of his profession 😛 and his dedication and overbearing attitude, gotta love it!)* He is quite an amazing character throughout the series. He has Uro and Azana fawning over his refined skills and although he is harsh, a sort of slave-driver, *(since he thinks time has no essence for the people of the research tower)* which to nurses dismay keeps them from enjoying themselves. However, he is deeply respected and no matter how dominant he is, his dominance is the only thing that keep’s the research tower in proper order.



And here AKARI- SENSEI!!!~ ❤

He’s soooo utsukushi ne?

Btw sorry about being such a slow blogger, I’ve got loads to write, but as you can see I’m tring time to organize myself, teehee~ But I hope you enjoy this. I’m gonna try to write alot more now! So wait for my wonderful fantasy/historical stuff ne? :)))


Now currently watching Sukitte Iinayo <3 and Gj-bu~ :D



LOL~~~ 😀 OMG~ 😀 the way Kirara gives her meat to the person who’s worth it. Gotta hand it to her, I haven’t seen a girl eat meat like that before! :”D




*My face when I find a new manga or book to read* 😀

((Agh~ Why do I sound like such a nerd :P))

Jack the Ripper

Jack the Ripper, quite an interesting figure from the time of Victorian London; I was thinking of writing a fiction story on him with my own developed character and my own idea on the history of his past. It is totally going to be my own imagination although I am thinking of including facts. Adding a grim reaper or demon to the story would be cool too.

Kuroshitsuji had a really good theory  on who the Ripper might have been and so did a documentary on the I saw on the history channel the other day.

The ripper is quite an interesting and controversial figure and the fact that he could have been a doctor or physician due to his precise way of mutilating his victims makes it more eerie yet intriguing. I guess I should start writing





Withering Desire

He lingers by the lonely cherry blossom tree

Whose great branches,

Who soar the sky like the wings of an angel,

He leans against it,

His halcyon eyes…grave and cold,

As his soul seems to have perished,

And left his host lifeless in the forlorn abyss,

His sorrow and loneliness absorb into him,

And it seems as if he would descend into a long eternal slumber,

From which he has no intention of ever waking up from,

His blood frozen in his veins,

His soul restless to abandon its host,

But that whim changes,

when a warm, gentle hand, ardently caresses his face,

Leaving chills smothering his body,

Beautiful auburn eyes melting into his,

Breathing life into him once again,

His arms reach up,

To embrace the ethereal beauty,

Yet she she slowly vanishes,

Tears falling down her rosy cheeks,

And then slowly petals fall from the tree,

reviving his purpose of perishing with the doleful  tree,

His mourning never ended,

Never ceased,

Love ate him,

and forsaken his beloved in the arms of death~

Basically today I came up with an idea like:

Why don’t I make up a few short stories on the sins and bad deeds which humans are constantly allowing to accumulate like some kind of manga I could draw e.g on corruption I could depict some kind of mythical creature or for deceit I thought of Satan, although he could be characterized as almost all of the sins, and then have the certain good deeds like honesty also represented by  angels, nymphs etc.

Hmmm, I have written a few, like they have certain adventures by exploring humans with the good or bad traits all of these creatures have a fascination with the human psyche the way humans think and stuff.

It is total fiction I guess and I’m having fun writing it, I think I might form a short story collection, it has humor and the certain deeds have rivalries like the honesty and dishonesty ones are like twins and are the total opposites of each other xDD

It is something that came to me out of nowhere actually, I was randomly thinking of writing a love story (which I currently am :D) but this was a really cool idea, just showing a comical yet serious and sometimes sad story about how these superhuman creatures observe humans, sometimes even tease them like the reaper which represents murder lol, and um since I’m free I might be writing a lot of stuff 😀